Saudi Arabia to Operate Its Own Luxury Train in 2025

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Rabu, 7 Februari 2024 – 20:00 WIB

Saudi Arabia – The state-owned Saudi Arabia Railways (SAR) has announced that the first luxury train in Saudi Arabia will operate at the end of 2025.

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SAR and the Arsenale Group, an Italian hospitality company, recently signed a contract worth 200 million Saudi riyals (IDR845.5 billion) for the launch of the Dream of the Desert, a luxury train that will travel from Riyadh to Al Qurayat through the Arabian desert.

Perusahaan kereta api milik negara Saudi Arabia Railways (SAR)

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“The initial production phase of the Dream of the Desert carriages in Italy has recently begun, and we are excitedly awaiting the debut of our first train in the kingdom in the coming years,” said Paolo Barletta, CEO of Arsenale.

The train with forty cabins is being built in Italy and is inspired by Saudi styles and traditions. The luxury train will be shipped to the Middle Eastern Kingdom in the summer of 2025, with the first passenger journey scheduled for November 2025, and tickets will be sold by the end of the same year.

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This train can accommodate up to 80 people and covers a route of 1,300 kilometers. Guests can choose to spend one or two nights onboard.

“This agreement is one of the initiatives of the National Transportation and Logistics Services Strategy to improve the quality of life and support national forefront strategies,” said SAR CEO Bashar Al-Malik.

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He also stated that the luxury train will enhance the national tourism value.

As part of the ‘Vision 2030’ created by Crown Prince and de facto ruler Mohammed bin Salman, Saudi Arabia has increased investments in the tourism sector in recent years.

This is an effort to diversify the country’s economy away from oil by promoting business and tourism.

One of Saudi Vision’s goals is to establish Riyadh Air, a new national airline in March 2023.

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He also stated that the luxury train will enhance the national tourism value.

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